26 Pictures You Need To Look At Twice

A collection of funny, sometimes weird pictures, taken in different angles combined with the ‘perfect’ lighting As much as we would consider ourselves having good eyesight, lighting combined with some casual situations can be tricky for the eyes sometimes! We at Viral Strange will show you some funny (and weird) pictures that you need to […]

Siamese Twins 5 Years After Separation

These Siamese twins illustrate that, in life, challenges may seem daunting and sorrowful, yet they prove that with a resolute will and the capacity to conquer obstacles, anything is achievable. Erin and Abby’s condition, born with conjoined heads, profoundly impacted their lives. The complexity of the issue arose when doctors mistakenly believed they shared a […]

Tom Selleck Faces Personal Tragedy

Los Angeles, CA: Hollywood legend Tom Selleck is currently facing undisclosed health challenges, leaving fans and the entertainment industry deeply concerned. The actor, famous for his roles in “Magnum, P.I.” and “Blue Bloods,” has opted to keep the details of his illness private. While the exact nature of Selleck’s condition remains undisclosed, sources close to […]